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Pro Youth Facial Treatments

Pro Youth Facial Treatments – The Institute Treatments are designed to treat specific client concerns and skin symptoms.The bio-availability of the actives in these treatments last between 10 - 14 days and are best repeated at this time,in series of 4 treatments(2 month intensive) or 6 treatments (3 month intensive). Each time the skin receives the intensive principal, it lifts its own resistance so that over time the skin maintains its health and balance naturally. Allow 60 - 75 minutes.

Hydra 3 – The patented Hydra 3 facial is scientifically proven to re-hydrate the skin and prevent water loss which in turn creates a healthier more youthful complexion. Designed to encourage your skin to preserve itself against time and ageing. This treatment is best suited to dehydrated/ sensitive skins, rosacea, fine lines & wrinkles, crepy skin, deeply dehydrated skins (air crew/air-conditioning). Allow 60 min $165, 75 minutes with spinal release back massage, $195

Youth Intensive Treatment - An indulgent hour of relaxation for a visibly younger skin.
At the heart of the Youth program is an innovative complex combining Saffron + Sophora with peptides to protect against oxidative stress & the visible appearance of chronological ageing skin (wrinkles, slackening tissue & irregular pigmentation zones).
The treatment begins with a thorough preparation of the skin. A pre-exfoliating lotion containing glycolic & phytic acid is applied then an exfoliating paste completes the deep cleansing.
Targeted zones on the face are identified for either wrinkle filling or structural lifting with two specialised serum formulas & a digi-esthetique massage method is delivered to enhance results. You may then relax for a delicious massage phase as the toning balm is infused. The targeted zoning of this treatment continues with the application of two multi-zoned masks (one for filling & one for lifting) & then a peel off mask completes the treatment.
Allow 60 min $165 , or 75 minutes $195 (includes back,neck shoulder massage).

Cosmeceutical Peel - The active ingredients in this treatment combine to give a 'laser like' exfoliation and deliver a lightening and illuminating effect on the skin. A course of treatments and homecare will give your skin the best results. For all skin types from ageing to acne, except sensitive and reactive skin. Allow 45 minutes $125

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial - Intraceuticals have developed a serum that when used with oxygen immediately plumps and hydrates the surface of the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments are a luxurious combination of state of the art oxygen technology and restorative relaxation. The system uses therapeutic grade oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to deliver skin specific serums with hydrators, essential vitamins, botanicals, and amino peptides to the deeper layers of the skin. The result is luminous, unparalleled hydration and visible, age defying results.
Allow 60 minutes, $150

MAX 7 Light Therapy

Max 7 L.E.D has revolutionized the non invasisve LED world for treating not only sun damaged or ageing skin but also a vast number of skin conditons successfully. Max 7 uses seven wave lengths within the visible light spectrum to send regulated light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity to produce softer, clearer, more youthful skin without causing skin injury.

Max 7 treatments are pain free and can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with an ampule treatment or high performance facials to target more specific concerns. Max 7 compliments and reduces redness, pain (( swelling after chemical peels and micro dermabrasion.

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