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Massage & Body Treatments.

Signature Hot Stone Therapy Exhale and relax as your therapist administers an advanced stone massage therapy far exceeding traditional stone massage. This treatment will de-stress your entire being.....mind, body and spirit.
Allow 60 minutes. $155

Aromatherapy Associates Body Massage
Real Aromatherapy Massage combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialised massage drawn from the traditons of both East and West, concentrating on the back, scalp,face, neck, and shoulders. Because Aromatherapy Body Massage can help re-balance the Autonomic Nervous System, it is one of the most effective therapies to alleviate stress and its related physical and emotional symptoms. This is an individually tailored massage and includes a client consultation to ensure that the most appropriate blend is selected. A blissful treatment with extraordinary results. Allow 50 minutes. $145

Aromatherapy Associates Blends include:

Relax- ; For those who can't switch off / who feel in a permanent spin.
For those in need of comfort / who want to feel more secure
Allow 50 minutes

De-Stress- : For those who are mentally overstretched / who need to focus but have no time to stop and think
For those with aches and pains after physical activity
Allow 50 minutes

Revive- : For those who feel tired and sluggish in the morning but have to keep going
For those who have had late nights or long periods of travelling
Allow 50 minutes –

Swedish/Relaxation Massage – Gentle massage using long, soothing strokes to reduce muscular tension, increase circulation and well-being.
Allow 50 minutes - $145

Hanakasumi (Intense Nourishment)

Hanakasumi (Intense Nourishment) - Embark on an enchanting sensorial journey filled with floral notes of Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower to relax the body and nourish the skin. Our signature body treatment incorporates a warmed enzymatic exfoliating cream to soften and smooth the skin. This is followed by relaxing full body massage using warmed aromatic shea butter to bring blissful relaxation to your mind and body. The Hanakasumi is the perfect treatment for someone with dry and devitalised skin in need of intense nourishment and also for those with a 'busy mind' that simply need a relaxing treatment to help them wind down.
Allow 60 minutes $185, 90 minutes (with extended massage component), $245

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